About Ruks Engineering Ltd

  • Founded 1993
  • Canadian Corporation incorporated in Ontario, Canada
  • Founded and managed by Professional Licensed Engineers by Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, Canada
  • The Company holds Certificate of Authorization issued by Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. This is validation of the corporations commitment and responsibility towards performance of due diligence and competent engineering services to its clients
  • Among the longest continuously performing IAQ companies in the world
  • Specialized in environmental engineering related to IAQ, odor and bacteria removal, and energy conservation
  • Focuses extensively on R & D, continuous product enhancement and development
  • Recipient of Research Grants from Government of Canada and Government of Ontario
  • Developed many new and innovative products
  • All Ruks Products are UL Listed
  • All products installed in AHU's or ventilation ducts are tested and certified by UL for fire and smoke safety to UL 2043
  • Ruks Ozone System is listed as safe and acceptable for IAQ in commercial applications to UL 867A
  • CE Certified
  • Has successfully operating systems in several hot and humid countries, spread over Southern Europe, Middle East, Arabian Gulf, India, and Far East
  • Demonstrated and proven systems in operation for over 21 years
  • Products to high quality and committed to service and deliverables
  • All equipment manufactured in Canada
  • All Parts and Components sourced in Canada or USA
  • No low cost imported substitutes from Far East
  • No low cost offshore manufacture from Far East

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